tanning options


Pur BronzÉe (Pur Bronze Tan)     50.00


an all-natural, anti-aging sunless tan derived from pure botanicals and enhanced with antioxidants
to leave your skin radiant with a natural-looking bronze glow. our bronzer derived from walnut
extracts, delivers immediate results, but continues to develop for 12 hours.


Basique D’or (Basic Golden Tan)    45.00


designed for clients who wish to enjoy an all-natural, anti-aging, sunless tan without added bronzer. your skin
will look radiant with a golden brown glow. will fully develop in 12 hours.


PUR Ultime (Ultra- Dark Tan)    55.00


this rapid development ultra-dark solution is enriched with antioxidants and botanicals as well
as the highest-grade sunless tanner that will leave the skin hydrated while creating an immediate and
natural looking ultra-dark tan. this formula absorbs and dries quickly and develops in 1 hour. it continuously
deepens over a 12 hour period creating a tan lasting 7-14 days.


HYDRATE dÉs SHIMMER (Shimmer Hydration)    30.00


an exclusive blend of shimmering radiance infused with emollients and humectants which serve to soften
the skin while delivering a delightful glowing effect. apply as a stand-alone treatment between sunless sessions,
simply to create a shimmering effect, or immediately after a sunless tan for enhancement.